About Us
Imagine a drunken redneck drinking his Busch Light somewhere in the neighborhood of 3AM while watching the PBS Create channel.  After all the cooking shows, "Sewing with Nancy" comes on.  As he is watching, Nancy states that with a little imagination you can create anything....He looks at his pile of beer cans and suddenly gets an idea.  Why not make a bikini out of beer can tabs!   YES this is actually how this site was created.

We sell a full line of bikini tops ranging from an A cup to H cup (honestly...just look at our home page).  In addition, we sell novelty jewelry, t-shirts, mouse pads and, of course, redneck wind chimes.  All products are of the finest quality and guaranteed to impress (or, at the very least, amuse) you and your friends. Keep watching as we will also be adding bikini bottoms and lingerie.
We would like to give props to the creative talents of others as well.  Check out our friends at the links below: - hats made from recycled beer cans. - a recordable chip clip. - novelites t's and outfits.
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